Sunday, March 29, 2009

Prepared for Power Failure

The Short List:

Flashlights -- batteries separate from your flashlight
Glow sticks
Candles -- not to be used after natural disaster for risk of explosion
Battery clock
Battery radio
Your emergency kitchen: ie, barbeque grill, fire pit, camp stove, solar oven or your gas range with either charcoal, propane tanks, wood, aluminum foil, and special pots, pans and griddles
Warm clothes, air activated body warmers
Batteries -- for flashlights, radios, clocks, and tools
Manual can opener
Liquid laundry and dish detergent and a large tub or bucket
Matches or lighters -- Long wooden matches are best
Extra blankets and sleeping bags
Water -- for flushing toilets, to prepare meals, for pets, for cleaning and drinking
Wet wipes and liquid hand sanitizer

For a more detailed version of this list and good suggestions to consider in a power outage, visit the article: "When the Power Fails in Winter" or "Prepare for More Frequent Power Outages"